What Is Rear End Suspension?

You may happen to hear about rear end suspension and a question would have been aroused in your mind that what is rear end suspension actually? Generally rear suspension is a part of a vehicle that keeps its body up on the ground and puts rubber on it. It is quite difficult phenomenon in case of rear or all-wheel-drive cars as compare to front-wheel drives because in that case rear end suspension ought to also be manufactured to transfer torque to the wheels and hold out the effects as well.

Suspension Types:

There are numerous types of rear end suspension but its basic types include DeDion and twist beam etc which are independent, solid beam/live axle and are used in several front-drive cars

Rear Suspension

Leaf Springs:

Leaf-spring suspension is taken as the oldest rear end suspension which was there in Roman chariots era and it dangles a solid axle in the middle of a long supple metal piece that is attached to the frame at both ends.

Coil Springs:

Other types of rear end suspension include coil spring which makes use of control arms for fixing the suspension pivot points. It has a separate spring that has the ability to hold the weight of the car


In case if a spring were used only, it may result in harmonic vibrations with the passage of time leading to flaws in the road and that make the vehicle unbalanced. In this situation, Dampers (also known as shock absorbers) are used to control this harmonic vibration as they offer resistance in both directions i.e. the up and down

Rear Suspension

Performance Applications:

To offer better performance the majority rear end suspensions employ stiffer springs along with dampers to provide the tire the better contact with the surface.

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