What Is the Difference Between Chrome & Polished Wheels?

Several cars have polished wheels whereas some vehicles are equipped with chrome. Though, they look similar but are actually different products. Let us talk about what is the difference between chrome and polished wheels.


Chrome wheels are usually cost more than 50 percent than polished metal wheels, and the larger chrome wheels with enhanced patterns can cost more.


Both kinds of wheels (chrome and polished wheels) are manufactured with different manufacturing processes. Chroming is the process that uses various chemical dips and baths. Where on the other hand polishing your car wheels employ a number of different material polishing stages.

Polished Wheels


Chrome can simply be applied to steel wheels, whereas nearly all metals can be polished; this makes chrome wheels heavier as compare to polished wheels.


Chrome wheels come with extra smooth and shine. Although polished wheels also offer shine but it is less than chrome wheels and look dull as well.


Chrome was basically used to put off rust and tarnish by a lasting, and hard coating, but it has developed into somewhat truly artistic. On the other hand polishing a metal is mainly used for “dressing up” or else plain looking wheels.

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