Wheelsandmore Mercedes CLS

The latest tuning program by German firm Wheelsandmore concerns one of the most tunable cars the Mercedes CLS.

It’s the CLS63 AMG no less, and what WAM has doen is take the power up to insane levels. What in series seems to impress with 525 or 557 hp (performance package), is quickly dwarfed by the tuning operation of Wheelsandmore. After an one-year development the dyno testing certified to the luxury tuner opulent 700hp and 1100nm of torque due to customized software, adapted to the sport catalysts, combined with the flap-controlled exhaust system and an optimized air intake.

the looks of this car is also very impressive, what with mate foiling all around in a unique grey color with matte black detailing and Wheelsandmore stripe. It’s job well done this.


Further details in WAM press release below:

To make the brute power nearly manageable, the tuner upgraded the wheel and tire package also to the maximum. Sport Contact 5 P tires from Continental are spinning on the front axle sizing 255/30/20 on 10″ wide rims and in size 305/25/20 on the rear with 12″ rims of the type 6Sporz² ultralight forged. Paying tribute to the “bad look” of the overall concept, the 3-piece rims were colored completely matte black. As an exclusive part of the remote-able valve-flap exhaustsystem the special milled endtips with small Wheelsandmore logos were also swathed in matte black. Combined with the sport catalysts and with opened valves, the exhaust sparks a furious V8 fireworks that is without equal. Once the valves are closed by remote control, the fun machine wants to remind the state of delivery again.

For the combined mechanical-electronic AMG suspension the fine tuner also provides a suspension-kit, which allows the coupe to come closer to the asphalt around 30mm and provides, through the reduction of vehicle´s center of gravity, a much sportier handling. Equipped with such a mass of fine and exclusive tuning parts the sober standard black painted coupe screamed for an expensive overhaul.

At that point and based on best experiences in the past Wheelsandmore established a symbiosis with neighboring car warpping company Cover EFX from Erftstadt near Cologne. Managing Hajo Lemke conjured up a perfect fitting second skin on the serial finish. The combination of “Armageddon-matte-gray” and “light-matte-black” together with the well known Wheelsandmore race stripe provides the desired mix of understatement and provocative force of nature.

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