Wildcat TDV6 Diesel

Wildcat as you know is the last word in off-road fun, but it’s the cars for pros, not posers.

At the 2012 Autosport International show we saw worldwide launch of the all new TDv6 Diesel Wildcat, which is manufactured by Plymouth based Qt Services Ltd. This exciting addition to the Wildcat range adds a new dimension to Qt’s lineup of these extreme off road race cars. Taken from the Land Rover Discovery 4, the 3.0 litre twin turbo has raised the bar in terms of performance for vehicles in this field of motorsport.

This car joins other V8 and V6-powered Wildcats in the range, and will enter the Tuareg Rally, which kicks off in Spain in March.


Qt press release:

Qt Services is the first manufacturer to successfully integrate this new powerplant into a race car. Qt’s MD, Dave Marsh says, “This new engine has exceeded our expectations. Delivering 316 HP and 513 ftlbs of torque it produces more than enough power to deal with the toughest off road conditions in the world”.

Working closely with their electronics and transmission specialists, the integration of the engine has worked really well and Qt are looking forward to having two of the new Diesel cars racing in the Tuareg Rally, which kicks off in Spain in March.

QT Services Ltd

Qt Services is a company well established in the off road competition market.  Formed in 1996, it is run by an experienced team of off road engineers for enthusiasts who are able to offer a range of specialist products for both the standard and competition off road vehicle.

Many of the products in their range are designed and manufactured in house and have been extensively tested at international competition level enabling customers to benefit from the increased reliability and performance which it brings.

Qt has been developing the Wildcat for 4 years having purchased the rights from Bowler Off Road.  They are now the sole manufacturers of the Wildcat and distributors on an extensive range of dedicated parts.  They have also embarked on an intensive development programme for the Wildcat, the results of which have been demonstrated worldwide in competitive success.


The Wildcat features many developments which have improved its performance.

Central to this are the new engine options featuring the Jaguar V8 and a V6 diesel variants. These give a significant increase in power and a much wider and flatter torque curve.  This has vastly improved the car’s performance.

Coupled to the engine is the newly developed close ratio, straight cut gearbox which is matched to engine characteristics.

Revisions have been made to the steering with a quick ratio steering box requiring less input resistance making the car easier to control over long distances. This has worked supremely well in events such as the Dakar Rally.

The car features 60mm Donerre lithium fast rebound dampers which vastly improve traction and control; the Qt designed mountings for the coil over shock absorbers were developed in conjunction with Donerre.

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