Wimmer Mercedes C63 Wagon

For most people the Mercedes C63 AMG wagon is fast and agile enough. It can produce with 487hp quite easily, the as it has been fully demonstrated by C 204T. But there must be a significant number of pragmatists to whom it is not enough.

For those who may find it a tad slow, Wimmer tuning has come up with a package that boosts the power output to a massive 642 hp. That makes it insanely fast, and also quite loud, thanks to the new exhausts. The car has also been fitted with 19 inch BBS rims and Dunlop tyres. In this connection, a club sport suspension from KW, which was specifically tailored for this Mercedes by KW automotive, and spacers from H & R, as well as the limited slip differential of Drexler Company, should be mentioned.

Finally some electrical- yellow paint job makes this thing a truly significant ride.


Engine tuning details:

Starting with 487BHP, after the aimed intervention the car will have 624 HP, it means that the pony-stage has been outgrown without any doubts. The WIMMER-Professionals achieve the increase of the power through the upgrade of the cylinder heads, through the sport cam shafts, modified throttle and the optimization of the intake manifolds. Similarly, a larger fuel pump works very efficiently. Specially crafted headers from WIMMER and special sport catalysts from HJS Company, as well as very powerful sound of the own WIMMER – Sport exhaust system made from stainless steel are installed. Moreover more than 84-mm- wide Y-pipes make the Mercedes acoustically accessible to a wider audience. But in the case if this is still not enough, you can check out the sound by Wimmer Company. The customization of the software for this powerhouse conversion was made in the high-test premises which are located on the WIMMER Company territory in Solingen.

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