1987 Honda Accord Alternator Removal

It was a problem to replace alternator in 1987 Honda Accord but was done lately. It presents difficulty as to remove alternator in Honda Accord it first required to remove its left side constant velocity shaft. This made it complicated even in an ordinary repair. Hence 1987 Honda Accord alternator removal procedure needs removing other components as well.

The CV Shaft Removal:

CV shaft removal on Honda Accord requires removal of the wheel, outer tie rod connection brake assembly, and lower ball joint connection to the lower control arm as well. While removing these components, specialty tools for instance (tie rod end separators and ball joint separators) play a vital role.

1987 Honda Accord

On the Honda Accord the strut is connected to a wishbone that usually bolts to both sides of the knuckle plus wraps around the outer CV shaft boot assembly. Due to this, the wishbone and strut assembly also require to be disconnected. When you finished with the removal of all these components, you can move ahead for knocking out the toe and camber adjustments of the front-wheel alignment. Although you can carry out these tasks of Honda Accord alternator removal and CV shaft removal on your own but here it is better to ask a professional mechanic to accomplish these jobs.

The Alternator Removal:

Now it is time to remove alternator. Don’t put out of your mind to disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery earlier than replacing the alternator of any vehicle. If it is disconnected then; surely will result in a shock or shorting a wire during the removal as well as replacement of the alternator because the 12-volt charge of the battery is still feeding to the wires of the alternator.

When you take out the drive shaft, now it is time to remove the lower left hand splash shield to access the alternator. Now you can simply remove the alternator bolts for pivoting the alternator and take away the drive belt from the alternator pulley. It does not require removing the belt completely unless you are going to replace it. To take out alternator, all electrical connections also need to be removed as well and after that alternator can be easily removed and replaced or rebuild afterwards.
You can carry out these simple steps in order to remove as well as replace the alternator of your Honda Accord 1987 model.

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