2011 Ford GT Supercar

The Ford GT 2011 brings back the much ignored aluminum block that initially appeared with the present-day GT version of the car. In order to accomplish this, Ford developed the Plasma Transferred Wire Arc (PTWA) process which involves into heating up a steel wire to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit and spraying it onto the aluminum cylinder bores. However, one of the problems that have been faced by many car manufacturing giants, like BMW, is the peeling off of the coating over a period of time. In order to prevent this, Ford has prepared a specially designed surface that can make the coating stick to it for a longer time due to which the bores would retain their newness even after some wear.

2011 ford gt supercar e1287130359354 2011 Ford GT Supercar

Not only does the aluminum block reduces the overall engine weight by 102 pounds, the steel coating done on it also diminishes the engine’s interior abrasion thereby boosting the power production and the car efficiency overall. Drivers over the years have complained of power drop issues during sunny days in summer, prominently due to lack of heat transfer efficiency. To cope up with this, 2011 Ford GT Supercar has introduced large intercooler that helps in continuous heat transfer and maintaining power. The car provides a total power of 550 hp while maintaining its torque peak at 510 pound-feet.

With the 2011 Ford GT Supercar, there has been a 10th of a second improvement in terms of straight line acceleration but the overall handling and driving comfort has improved immensely. The 2011 Ford GT Supercar convertible has also been modified in design to make it more structurally integral. Just like other cars in its league, the 2011 Ford GT Supercar is due to go into production in spring this year and on sale during

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