Car Insurance Cancellation Requirement

In certain situations, it needs to cancel your car current insurance policy. For instance, it may happen when you found a better and more affordable coverage offered by a different carrier, or you have moved to other state where your current car insurance coverage would not work or finally if you have sold your car. In all these and similar situations you must have to inform your carrier that you want to cancel your insurance policy because you are going to acquire a new policy with another carrier. This process demands a bit car insurance cancellation requirement that must be fulfilled to cancel your current car insurance policy.


If you have maintained good relations with your carrier you would be able to return to that same carrier once again. It will allow you to have same profits as you have had before when you were under their policy.

Car Insurance


There are numerous ways available to cancel your car insurance policy such as you can call your car insurance carrier on their provided toll free numbers or by writing to your carrier otherwise communicating online.


Mostly insurance companies present a specific way to cancel their policy. To know more about this procedure, you may refer to the auto otherwise ask an agent or else the carrier directly


Mostly car insurance carriers offer discounts for years of continual policy maintenance. While you move to another carrier you will probably loss these discounts. For those people who are making expenses on your vehicle, a lien holder needs full coverage always. So canceling an insurance policy may result in for the lien holder to offer higher premiums for future coverage.


  • Don’t ever stop paying a premium, since it will cause the insurance carrier to cancel the policy for nonpayment. And it will probably negatively affect your credit report, and make it difficult to acquire car insurance once again in the future.
  • Avoid driving your car until it is covered by a new policy.
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