Changing the Timing Belt Tensioner Bearings

Many points have to be considered while changing the timing belt tensioner bearings of your vehicle. The pulley and the tensioner are the key parts that determine the life of a timing belt. Engine and rest of its components can only continue to exist for long if the timing belt is not slack. This point has to be kept in mind when you actually decide to prolong the life span of your vehicle.

You need to change the whole timing belt tensioner pulley if you wish to replace the timing belt tensioner bearings. The timing belt also has to be changed along with the car’s tensioner pulley; to ensure that it will keep the vehicle to move on for longer.

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If you wish to access the clamorous tensioner pulley then try to clasp the timing belt first. For this you have to drag down the drive belt with all the accessories from the face of the engine. Subsequently take out the crankshaft pulley. To slack the bolt easily apply an extended breaker bar on the socket and guard it against the floor; keeping in notice the direction of the engine rotation. Next you have to insert the key in the car to just twist the engine a little. This will make the bolts slack swiftly when you can’t reach the air compressor and eventually will direct you to replace the timing belt tensioner bearings.

When the dampner and crankshaft pulley are detached you can take off the cover of the timing belt without difficulty. There a couple of bolts clutching these parts and the engine. One important point to remember is that in few engine types the cover detached has to be changed, and it could be your car’s engine as well. When the timing belt tensioner bearings are visible after exclusion of the cover with its belt still placed on the engine; you should draw the marks. Now you can free the tensioner and detach the belt. When the belt is removed it is easy to get rid of the bolts of timing belt tensioner pulley and then swapping it with a fresh one.

It often sounds to be much easier to restore the timing belt tensioner bearings than actually doing so, but on most of the engines it can be accomplished with few essential tools with no much expertise. You will be requiring the items like torque specs, tensioning procedures and timing marks. But it does not make it an overwhelming phenomenon; it is just a basic belt and pulley mechanism. It is just hidden deep in the car’s engine behind rest of the parts.

On some of the vehicle engines it could be tricky to amend timing belt tensioner bearings; in that case for personal assistance you can use different vehicle sites on internet. By stating your problem you will be given solutions ranging from basic repair to high-tech repair as per your requirements.

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