How to Bypass a Catalytic Converter on an Audi A4

The catalytic converter on your Audi A4 is considered as the most important component of the car’s emissions system. It is probably located between the exhaust header and the end of the exhaust that normally exits the car. The purpose of this converter is to convert environmentally unsafe exhaust gasses into less harmful gasses. Although catalytic converters normally stop power motor and due to this reason they are avoided in most racing cars. You can avoid a catalytic converter by using a test pipe that you can find from the companies selling Audi performance parts. Remember that this is taken as illegal in the majority of states and allowed for only those cars that are not driven as well as registered on the street. Here’s how to bypass a bypass a catalytic converter on an Audi A4

Things you’ll need:

The things you will need include:

  • Socket set and ratchet
  • Torx bits
  • Test pipe
  • Jack
  • Jack stands

Catalytic Converter

Step 1:

Begin with making loose the lug nuts on the wheels. Then jack up your Audi and position it safely on jack stands at all four corners.

Step 2:

Now take away the front oxygen sensor, exhaust down pipe is near to it which you can access from the engine bay.

Step 3:

Next use a 17 mm socket to remove the top nuts that attach the catalytic converter with the turbo whereas in non turbo cars, the exhaust will only attached with catalytic converter.

Step 4:

Unfasten the red wire connector for the second oxygen sensor. You will see this connector on the fire wall on the driver’s side. Follow the wire to oxygen sensor, and cut it off from the sensor.

Step 5:

Take out the bottom 17 mm bolts that attach the catalytic converter with the turbo and then do away with the spring-loaded bolt that protects the down pipe.

Step 6:

Use a 10 mm 12-point Torx bit to remove the cross member that goes across the exhaust. Make loose the nuts that grasp the exhaust collar. After that, slip the collar to the back of your car.

Step 7:

Slip the catalytic converter downward and out with the down pipe. To release them you may require some twisting and turning but finally it will come out easily.

Step 8:

Next take out the catalytic converter from the down pipe. These are detained with three 12 mm nuts as well as three 13 mm bolts.

Audi A4

Step 9:

Put the test pipe in place of the catalytic converter. Reinstall the down pipe with the test pipe in the same way but in reverse order, and then bolt it back to the turbo on the top and bottom.

Step 10:

Reinstall all other removed components i.e. the cross member, exhaust collar and oxygen sensors in reverse order of their removal.

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