How to Calculate (Miles Per Gallon) MPG Guide

Do you know how much money you spend on fuel each month? If no, then it’s something you should know, otherwise you can get into trouble in a later stage. So, better try to understand how to calculate Miles per Gallon (MPG) and do things the right way. Here, we are going to tell you the steps, briefly, regarding how to calculate MPG.


Step 1: First, reset the odometer of your vehicle. You can track things accurately and you will be getting correct results out of it from there on rather than simple an estimate calculation.

Miles per Gallon

Step 2: Now fill the fuel tank of your vehicle. You may either fill it with gasoline or diesel. Make sure you fill it fully, so that, our calculations would be exact.

Step 3: Now it’s time for some fun. Take your vehicle on the road with average speeds and try to drive in roads that have turns, curves etc. If it’s a level road, it would be great. Again, the speed at which you should drive should not be high, but just average.

Step 4: Now check the fuel indicator. While driving you should be having an eye on the indicator and should hit the same gas station again – when the indicator reaches the level near to half tank. It can be a bit below half tank, so as to make sure that half tank of fuel in the tank has been used completely. Refill the tank using the same pump in the same gas station.

Step 5: Take down a paper and a pencil and note down the mileage for the first run. You should note the number of gallons you filled in the fuel tank also.

Step 6: Now again, take your vehicle on a road which is similar to the one on which you have driven earlier. This time also the road should have little bit of curves, turns etc. It would be great if it’s a level road. While driving, you should again have a look at the fuel indicator time by time as well. Once the indicator reaches the same level about which we have mentioned in an early step, you can stop driving.

Step 7: Now check the mileage of the vehicle again. How much is it? Whatever it is, record it in your notebook without making any mistakes.

Step 8: Now, from this mileage count, subtract the mileage that you have recorded in the first run. After that divide this number by the number of gallons of fuel you filled in the fuel tank. The result that you’ll be getting after this calculation is the Miles per Gallon (MPG).

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