How to Change Golf Cart Batteries

The batteries of your golf cars play an imperative role in their performance and provide them the strength to work as well. So for your golf car to work for a long time you probably need the stronger battery for it. This article will guide you about how to change Golf car batteries.

Things you’ll need:

The only thing you will require for this job is:

  • Wrench

Golf Car

Step 1:

First of all get to the car battery usually you will find it under the seat. They can be either six 6 volt batteries (36 volts), six 8 volts (48 volts) otherwise eight 6 volts (48 volts).

Step 2:

Now take a wrench and loosen the terminals by it.

Step 3:

Next, lift the battery.

Step 4:

Place the new battery in place of old one.

Step 5:

Attach the terminals again by a wrench. Verify that you connected the terminals to the proper cables (i.e. positive to positive terminal and negative to negative as well).

Golf Cart Battery

Tips & Warnings:

  • You can go to a specialty shop to buy the cluster of batteries which is are known as packs. If you find one of the batteries in the pack at fault, replace that one only, not the whole battery pack.
  • The cost of batteries usually ranges between $100 and $400.
  • If any battery acid is there, keep your self away from it.

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