How to Find the Paint Color Code on Ford Vehicles

Most vehicle manufacturer allocates a particular code to paint colors. Though this code can be different for each paint color and tends to vary from year to year due to minor differences in paint colors you can still use this specific color code to acquire the exact type of touch-up paint for your Ford vehicle. This article entails how to find the paint color code on Ford vehicles.

Step 1:

Firstly open the driver’s side door of your vehicle and then intimately inspect the door jamb to uncover the production label.

Ford Vehicles Paint

Step 2:

Now find the division named as “Exterior color” or else “Exterior paint.” Although it may be called as “Paint code.” in some car models

Step 3:

Write down this paint color code on a paper. Usually the paint color codes are letters, although they can be numbers, otherwise a combination of both can also be used.

Ford Vehicles Paint

Tips & Warnings:

If you could not find any sticker there make contact with your local Ford dealer and provide them with your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. In return they will give you the paint color code of your vehicle.

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