How to Increase Gas Mileage Guide

There are a lot of advantages of increasing the gas mileage of your vehicle. It’s good for the environment and the ecosystem as well. It’ll save a lot of money from your pockets also. People don’t really realize the amount of money that they spend on gas. Actually there are lots and lots of ways to decrease the gas consumption as well as to increase gas mileage. If we educate ourselves regarding these things, then it’d be really great for us as well as for others that live around us.


You should load the gas tank fully and there are lots of advantages of loading fully and over loading partially. This will prevent you from hitting a gas station again and again. You should also understand that, while you go at a gas station, you waste your gas for nothing. You could have saved that much gas, if you had went for a full tank loading the last time. Loading fully can make you analyze your fuel consumption a much better way, and this will surely help you to increase your gas mileage.

Increase Gas Mileage

Driving techniques to increase gas mileage:-

Expert drivers employ different techniques for increasing gas mileage of their vehicle. Feathering, coasting and shifting gears are some the techniques that most of the expert drivers employ for increasing the gas mileage.

Step 1: Coasting is about increasing the speed of the engine to a high level and then turning of the engine without any notice. This is something which even the beginners might know. It’s really an easy method to follow and hence should be followed by those who are looking to increase the gas mileage.

Step 2: It would be really great to drive in high gears and at high speeds. Well, but do you think it’s good for increasing the gas mileage associated with your vehicle? Actually, we should go with things the other way around. Driving at a neutral gear is good for increasing the gas mileage. In this way you’ll be able to drive in lower gear ratios.

Some other techniques:-

There are still many ways to increase the gas mileage. Some are tough whereas some are pretty easy. If you want to go with the second option, then all you need to do is – get your car for it’s maintenance regularly. This way, the vehicle will be examined for faults and it will be recovered from those faults at a pretty early stage.

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