How to Replace a Fuel Line in a Car

Over time, the fuel line of your car may be damaged. There are certain reasons that cause this damage for instance and weathering of the fuel line and connectors and fittings corrode etc. A car fuel line normally starts at the fuel tank and ends at the fuel intake nozzle of the fuel injection system otherwise the carburetor in the engine compartment. Its replacement needs detaching the line at both (starting and ending) ends. Here’s how o replace a fuel line in a car.

Things you’ll need:

The required tools to replace a fuel line include:

  • Adjustable crescent wrench
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Can of Break Free solvent
  • New fuel line for your vehicle’s make and model
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Long flexible-neck flashlight
  • Long inspection mirror
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Socket set with standard and metric sockets

Fuel Line

Trace the Fuel Line

Step 1:

First, trace the fuel pump fuse of your car and then take it out from the fuse block. Turn on your car and let it use all the fuel available in the fuel line. Next open the engine compartment and come across the position where the fuel line gets entrance in the fuel injection system or else the carburetor.

Step 2:

Now observe fuel line to know how it is routed from the engine compartment to the bottom of the car. Now employ a coat hanger (that has been flattened), bind a bright-colored piece of ribbon on one end and suspend the material on the fuel line just by the location where you are unable see it any longer as it goes on with the underneath the car. It looks like a marker so you have to find the line while crawling beneath the car. Use a cleaner like Break Free to spray all fuel line connectors.

Step 3:

Move gradually under the car and go after the fuel line all the way back to the fuel tank while taking into account any clamps there joining the fuel line with the car frame as well as the tools that are required to loose them. Use a cleaner to spray all bolts and screws. Also observe that where the fuel line joins with the fuel tank probably on the top of fuel tank. If required then make use of your flexible flashlight plus inspection mirror to go behind the line to the top of the fuel tank.

Step 4:

Observe the position of filter while following the line from front to back, and make a note of tools that will be required to remove it.

Remove the Old Fuel Line

Step 1:

Take the fuel line connection off in the engine compartment, and afterward go on separating all the other connectors from the engine compartment to the fuel tank. A partner may help you to grasp the flashlight and mirror.

Step 2:

Take all sections of the fuel line out in the most practical way.

Step 3:

Put one end of the new fuel line in the engine compartment and then route it to the underneath of the car. Connect any new seals with the fuel inlet nozzle in the engine compartment, as well as screw on the fuel line to the bay.

Step 4:

Move slowly under your car and run the line along the similar way as the old one, while tightening down each clamp. Connect the fuel filter, and carry on working to the rear of your car.

Step 5:

Ask your partner to grasp the flashlight as well as mirror while you get to top of the fuel tank in order to connect the other end of the fuel line with the supply nozzle. Put the fuel pump fuse back into the vehicle fuse block. Now come out underneath the car, and turn the key to the ACC position and subsequently turn it off. Perform this task a number of times so that the fuel pump leads the new fuel line with fuel. Now start on your vehicle.

Fuel Line

Tips & Warnings:

  • Earlier than working with any elements of your vehicle’s fuel system, verify that you have detached both battery cables from the car battery as it puts off sparks and fire during the repair process.
  • Don’t ever depend on an automobile jack that is used to support the weight of your vehicle while you are working underneath the vehicle.
  • Use a set of jack stands matching or else going beyond the total gross weight of your vehicle.
  • Carry out this fuel line replacement in a ventilated location to avoid extreme inhalation of gasoline vapor.

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