How to Replace a Starter – Changing Starter Guide

The main part of any vehicle is its starter. If in case, you sit in the car and ready to go but the starter doesn’t work. Here wyou need to understand the mechanism of Car Starter; a charge is sent to the starter and then to alternator from the battery but if it does not work, its time to replace the starter. It is not a simple task to do so but you may do it with least effort after following the given steps:

Required Materials

The required materials to replace a starter are:

  • Car Starter
  • Duct tape
  • Required Tools
  • Ratchet set (metric)
  • Crescent wrenches
  • Car jack
  • Flood light
  • Marker

Car Starter

Step One: Preparation

First of all, jack the vehicle up to allow access from below. Also verify that brake is set and chalk blocks are placed behind the rear wheels. Take away the negative battery cable from the battery and confirm that is removed safely. Avoid touching any electrical contacts while doing this.

Step Two: Finding the starter

Usually different vehicles have different starter location. So come up with finding starter you may find it on driver’s side of the vehicle. It is normally an eight inch tube approximately five to six inches in diameter. You will also find there two electrical connections and one mounting connection as well.

Step Three: Remove Connections

Car Starter

On starter, you will find there two connections and one mounting connection, so you have to remove the cables and mark these cables with labels indicating form which connection point there came. Now, remove the mounting connection with the help of appropriate ratchet or Crescent wrench. It may be difficult to remove this connection. Try to avoid applying too much force. When you have done with removing the connections, now remove the starter.

Step Four: Replace the Starter

Now it is time to install new starter in the reverse order of how the starter was removed. Try to make electrical connections correctly. Take away the marking tape so that id does not flame. Keep in mind that there is a core charge attached to the new starter motor. You can make use of this old starter for a refund of the core charge.

Step Five: Start It Up

After that, put together the negative battery cable to the battery and make tighter the connection. Now start the car engine to verify that all connections have been made correctly.

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