Hyundai Shouwang BHCD-1 Concept

Hyundai decided to lay low with the their latest concept and unveiled it quietly at the Chinese Guangzhou Motor Show.

The Shouwang BHCD-1 Concept is the result of a joint operation between Hyundai and China’s Beijing Automotive, and previews the production version of the Shouwang saloon which will be launched next year in China. That kinda explains it why they kept the low key. It is to no relevance for the European and American customers!

They have not released many details about the car itself, but based on what we see from the picture, it has a weird design, which is too glitzy and chintzy. Hyundai apparently wanted to make the car as far apart as possible to their current range of global models. It is not even recognizable as a Hyundai at first glance.


Check out Hyundai’s press release for more info:

9th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition held in Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing declared once again usher in the modern enterprise major breakthrough – the official release of the new brand “first look” to open the Beijing Modern independent brand and independent innovation

The flow on a “first look” carry their own dream cars

“This is the best of times,” each living in China’s auto take-off people are feeling. Through the market from 100000-1000 million units of exponential growth, China’s auto industry, supporting industries have matured, independent repairer Butterfly cocoon is ushering in the period of strategic opportunities, world-class achievements in their own car the responsibility of the brand in the shoulder.

China needs world-class brand, in this context, Beijing Hyundai flow, released its own brand, seek power road vehicles. Beijing Modern Chinese own brand called “first look” in the old saying in the “first-class family in” means. Thus easy to see, “the first look” in the tradition of Beijing lineage of modern fame also implies the person carrying the Beijing Hyundai Motor and expectations of consumers, industry, carrying the dream of independent repairer.

“First look” LOGO shape resembles hold hands up high, clear, concise and tightly fit with its brand meaning. Symbol of the “First look” not only the pursuit of intellectual life for the consumer to provide a safe and comfortable, high-quality automotive products, but also for consumers detailed and satisfactory services to enable consumers to share the hope of the future.

The Guangzhou Motor Show debut of the “first look” is a pure electric car. According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Hyundai, future “first look” will be launched more new energy vehicles, to further improve consumer quality of life and quality of life vehicles.

“First look” of the birth of the modern self-marking Beijing ushered in a new career milestone. “First look”, not only to further meet the needs of Chinese consumers, strategic considerations, but also the Beijing mission of the modern practice of automotive power, under a joint venture to seek their own “essay” is to comply with the new car market situation made useful to try and explore.

Formidable “first look” come prepared

For the “first look” release, experts believe that Beijing Hyundai is well prepared. In 2009, the Sonata models, based on modern technology by the Beijing Center independently design, develop and launch their own “name Yu”, the Beijing Hyundai’s own journey had officially started. The “first look” after the introduction of means to try and explore more than two years, Beijing’s own brand of modern curtain finally opened.

Beijing people are more responsible use of modern “ideally opportune” to describe the “first look” was born. On the one hand, thanks to the continued implementation of the “quality management” strategy, beating many well-known brand of modern car brands, a strong rise of the “first look” at this time introduced the modern heritage brand reputation, continuation of the classic quality, bound like gangbusters. Second, the development of independent brands in the market calls for the voice, the launch of the “first look” is in response to the national industrial policy and development trend of China’s automobile industry insight into the inevitable result, reflecting the prices of passenger cars in Beijing the first group of modern Zuowei benchmark status.

Capacity in the system, a joint venture process for the introduction of technology brands, marketing, management, and absorption and to lay a solid foundation. This year, Beijing Hyundai to unstoppable dark horse posture, stunning the industry with numerous achievements: senior flagship eighth generation Sonata, listed only six months, sales for breaking million, a truly “next-generation mainstream high-class car”, enterprises amounted to production and sales across the three million more, Beijing Hyundai not only have proved superior manufacturing capabilities and quality assurance capabilities, and brand building capabilities, and supply chain management system, both for the “first look” successful escort.

Beijing Hyundai is confident of a high standing in the global automotive industry, integrating the world’s leading technology and resources as well as domestic platform, a joint venture to build world-class brands. As the new brand name, “first look” is Beijing modern era in the context of this development for the automotive industry to write the best comments. Relying on Beijing Hyundai strong R & D, procurement, production and marketing capabilities, as well as consumers and 300 million users of the Beijing Hyundai brand and product recognition, “first look” will carry the Chinese car watchers dream car in China to power The development of the road to win glory.

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