Keep Your Car Mirrors in Check?

When being aware of the surroundings on the road is concerned, the most important assets of the car can be the side view mirrors. If the angle of the mirror is not properly adjusted, then this can be creating dangerous blind spots that can limit the driver’s vision on the road.

The reaction time of a driver can be decreased due to poor visibility and it can put the driver at a greater risk of an accident. Even though the mirrors are positioned in a fairly good angle, when the time comes to scan traffic in emergency situations, minor position errors can be dangerous.

Side Mirror

Many drivers assume incorrectly that their mirrors are in a proper position because if different people are asked then there will always be different view points on making mirrors free from blind spots. Some people are of a view that the driver should be able to see the side of a car on the car’s interior mirror, while others are of a view that mirrors should be adjusted until the driver slightly sees the past side of a car.

The question arises that how the driver knows if the mirrors are in their optimal position.

Following are three easy steps for adjusting the side view mirrors:

1. The driver’s seat should be adjusted to a normal preferred position

2. Move your head in right direction until it comes to the center of the rear view mirror mount. The right side mirror should be adjusted until the fender can be barely seen.

3. Move your head in left direction until it touches the left window. The left side mirror should be adjusted until the fender can be barely seen.

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