Monte Carlo Ignition Module Problems

In 1970s and 1980s, Chevy Monte Carlo had V-8 equipped rear-wheel-drive platform but later on in modern models the platform has been changed to V-6 equipped front-wheel-drive platform. Although the ignition module; is yet the same. This module can have different types of problems. The most common problems include when ignition module leave to trigger ignition coil properly and alike. Let us briefly talk about Monte Carlo ignition module problems.


The purpose of ignition module is to round the power to the ignition coil off and on. As a result, voltage is induced into the secondary of the coil as well as a spark is released to the spark plugs.
Normally new ignition modules have electronic circuits that tend to control timing plus spark. Here the lack of timing advance may be a source of ignition module problem which results in hard starts and loss of power. Timing light can help you to check it and if it is fine then there must be advance and hold back of timing while the engine is revving

Monte Carlo


You can conclude that there is something going wrong with the ignition module if it get a hot stall while driving. Once you let the ignition module to be cool down you can drive your car again until unless the ignition module gets hot another time. For this reason check if the coil(s) is firing. Separate the coil wire from the distributor and then grasp it nearly to the engine block. Afterward, ask a partner to crank the engine, and at the same time you observe if a spark occurs. If it does not occur then surely there is a bad ignition module. But, if a spark occurs then turn on the engine unless it gets rid of heat. After that test it out once more. If it sparks again then there is not any problem with the ignition module but with some other part.

Another way to check it is to take notice of a signal that is coming from the pickup coil in the distributor. It is basically the coil like device in the distributor. Again when your partner crank the engine you do continue to see if there is a voltage output on a volt meter at the wire that is connecting the pickup coil with the ignition module. If you find it, then replace the module

Replacement Parts:

Replacement is a simple procedure: And you can easily get to ignition module either under the distributor cap otherwise under the ignition coils in the distributor-less systems. It has bolts on it. Here the important is the quality of replacement that you are going to use. If it is of high quality it will lasts for a long time as compared to the cheap replacement parts. As using cheap replacement parts can leave to work and may cause other sort of problems as well. Popular and reliable brand names include A/C Delco which you can employ.

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