The Volkswagen Jetta 2010 Model

The TDI diesel version is making a come back after being away from the automotive industry for 3 model years. The thin line between the differences of gasoline and diesel powered motors has over the years become increasingly blurred. In this day and age, diesel engines are just as clean as gasoline engines. Yet diesel engines still, more often than not, deliver the minimum of 20 percent better fuel efficiency than that of a comparable gasoline engine. The following are EPA rates for fuel efficiency;

  • The TDI sedan version 30 mpg for city and 41 mpg for highway, whilst utilizing a 6 speed manual transmission.
  • The 2.5 liter 5 cylinder gasoline powered engine, mated with a 5 speed manual transmission delivered 21 mpg for city and 30 mpg for highway.
  • The powerful turbo 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine which requires premium gas, was rated 21 mpg for city and 31 mpg for highway.

Volkswagen Jetta 2010 Model The Volkswagen Jetta 2010 Model

So by looking at those examples, it’s not difficult to see that the TDI variation supplies the most efficient option; approximately 41 percent better fuel efficiency. It has to be noted that those numbers are from what the EPA has rated them, in reality there are reports that indicate a better fuel efficiency that those stated above.

The question that is surely on everyones lips is, “how much will this cost?” Surprisingly, it’s not as much as you would think. The base model TDI is priced at $21,990 and this is approximately $2000 more expensive than the gasoline powered Jetta SE model. It’s also worth remembering that you can subtract the federal tax credit of $1,300 due to it being a diesel vehicle, and also the savings you can make in fuel costs. Even though diesel has become on average 20 percent more expensive than gas, it does have the 40 percent better on average fuel efficiency so it still works out cheaper overall.

For the general driving experience, the new TDI variation doesn’t differ that much from gasoline powered versions. Although the engine does output a lower horsepower, it does boast a higher torque average whilst driving at lower speeds, and the new DSG transmission works very well with the TDI engine.

Volkswagen Jetta 2010 The Volkswagen Jetta 2010 Model

When the old TDI engines were discontinued back in 2007, these engines were incorporated within approximately 30 percent of 100,000 Jettas sold within the North American market annually. Even though the economy is still coming through some tough times, it hasn’t really stopped consumers much considering that the 2008 allotment has sold out. Volkswagen has stated that the TDI variation of the Jetta will be delivered withing 3-4 months of ordering. Although it has been gone for a few years, it will still be the favorite amongst many.

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