When Water Damage Car’s Interior

Water damage to the interior of a car gives a lot of problems to the owner. The reason is that when water penetrates into the car’s interior, then a lot of problems arise. There is a problem of upholstery which allows the molds to breed as the interior continuously get worse. However, the water damage is controllable.

The car should be checked especially after a heavy rainfall. The reason is that identifying a tiny leak will be in its start and further damage of the vehicle can be prevented. Areas around the seals should be usually checked such as the sun roof, moon roof, door seals and the trunk as they are the major areas of water damage.

Water Damage

The easy way for fixing this problem is to make sure that the door is properly closed and the seal of the debris is cleaned.

If there is water puddle on the upholstery on the vehicle’s floor, the water should be removed as much as it is possible. Vacuum will be ideal as it can suck the moisture.

Later, the upholstery should be shampooed for removing the mold pores may be in the cloth upholstery because of the rain. If the molds do not finish then the car can give off a very funky smell and can also cause some health issues. In case of complete damage, a professional will be required for expert cleaning, otherwise there can be a complete makeover of electronics and upholstery.

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