Why Is My Car Leaking Antifreeze?

Sometimes you may find there on the ground a type of fluid leaking form a vehicle which is called antifreeze or engine coolant. The fluid normally runs from various parts of the engine to others and is for all time restrained. But if you see this fluid on engine parts or on the ground, then you may think why my car leaking antifreeze? In this case probably there is something that is damaged or cracked and hence need repair or replacement.


Firstly get to the underneath the car, where you can easily observe the fluid as well as the cause due to which it is leaking.


The radiator usually grasps plus flows antifreeze. So if it has a hole or a split it will cause a leak or else drip.

Car Leaking


Radiators have hoses connected to them and a wear, puncture or a dry rot can cause them to be ripping apart or break.


Remember that the head gasket is the seal among the cylinder head and engine block. If the oil measuring rod is milky, this will result in antifreeze in the oil from a blown head gasket.


A horrific freeze plug in the engine block causes fracture and an engine coolant leak on the ground.

Car Leaking


There are some other sources that can cause leaks in engine coolant and they take in the heater core, thermostat and water pump.

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