2010 Nissan Pathfinder

2010 Nissan Pathfinder is essentially a very sturdy truck meant for rough terrains and heavy cargo needs. Although a family can travel on this but it is not recommended as the drive is not smooth. It doesn’t have enough cup-holders and space in the third column for a kid to adjust well. It can be opted for cargo or hauling purpose. It is an AWD with V6 engine that can haul up to 6,000-pound.

It is affordable AWD truck that costs $36,615 where as the base model having rear-wheel drive amounts to $27,540. It has an EPA of 14/20 mpg on city or highway. It requires premium gas that implies it to be poor in fuel economy. It is fun to drive this giant as all the vehicles seem to be lower in height. It bounces over the speed-bumps or obstructions rather than striking them. It has excellent braking power than one can think of. Its forceful engine can drive it anywhere; on hills, freeways or terrains quite easily. The only thing it lacks is the comfort and ease while driving especially with kids.

2010 nissan pathfinder 2010 Nissan Pathfinder

The exterior of 2010 Nissan Pathfinder is very muscular. It is heavy-duty and vigorous in design as the trucks should be. It has big headlights in front with frame in chrome. It has strong tires to carry heavy load with alloy wheels of 17-inch. To climb in and off from this truck is bit difficult. The doors can be opened easily but the handles of the back doors are not aligned with the front ones; they are positioned at windows height making it inconvenient for the young ones. Loading freight is much easier as the liftgate elevates along with base when it is set free, so no hassles to lift it above or down. The freight space can be reached easily as the window at the back opens individually.

The Pathfinder includes 4 liter capacity with V6 engine that generates 266 horsepower and a torque of 288 pounds-feet. It can travel to steeps with full air conditioner at ease. It can be swiftly changed to AWD at slow speed. It is rated as fair in terms of family convenience and as good-times for its fun-factor.

The interior of 2010 Nissan Pathfinder is bit troublesome. The manuals are tricky to understand the controls’ functions. The Bluetooth works only when the truck is running not parked. XM Satellite Radio option is not mentioned on the panel as well. It has a dual-zone climate control system and MP3 player. The storage areas are commendable having bins and pockets all over its interior. The middle bin is used for stacking CDs and for other chargeable equipments. It has handy cup-holders and bottle-holders in the sides of the doors.

It has luxurious and comfortable seats but they stick dirt particles and fur very easily. Air-vent controls are positioned at the rear of middle console along with the cup-holders. It has little armrest as well at the rear but with no unseen cubbies. The two columns at the rear are pretty comfortable but the two seats in the third column can only be used in case of emergencies or for very short tours. The second column seats are foldable to access the rear seats easily. You get ample cargo room when the third column seats are folded. There are side-pockets in the cargo room as well that can carry big jug or bottles. The storage compartments and cargo space are ranked as galore.

The seatbelts incorporated in 2010 Nissan Pathfinder are adjustable and handy even for kids. It has 2-pair of latch handles in the second column that are very convenient to use. It has ample space to fit in the baby-safety seats at the rear but not in the third column. It includes electronic brake allocation, traction control, electronic stability control, 4-wheel-compact antilock brakes and airbags for the front sides and for the curtain-sides in all the columns. The optional package includes backup camera and AWD that costs up to $3,050.

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