2011 Mustang V-6, 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8, 2010 Camaro RS, and 2010 Challenger SE in Competition

The expression “musclecar” originated in late 1960s and has always denoted an American coupe that has a forceful engine designed to produce sturdy levels of power and speed. Put differently, a rear-drive 2-door V-8-prompted Yankee able to produce thunderclouds of Firestone fumes.

Nowadays, a great deal stays the unchanged. Here is a comparison between 3 modern musclecars — Dodge Challenger SRT8, Ford Mustang GT, and Chevrolet Camaro SS– theyare all American engineered and designed (the Dodge and Chevy, are just assembled in Canada, which is no big deal), qualitystrong 400+ HP V-8 engines (the “smallest” moves 5.0 liters), and are capable of 0.25-mile times formerly reserved for race automobiles and imported supercars (the Mustang requires only 12.7 seconds at 111.3 mph). One can easily say that the currentmuscle collection is the best so far, especially when bearing in mind the handling dynamics go with the exhilarating horsepower.

2011 Mustang V 6 2011 Mustang V 6, 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8, 2010 Camaro RS, and 2010 Challenger SE in Competition

Needless to say, the cost for all this muscular wonder, though relatively inexpensive in comparison with equally powerful coupes from Europe and Asia, is usually approximately $40 large when options are maximized. Therefore, if you link a musclecarto its affordability, then you have little luck. Luckily, there’s aderivative of the musclecarsoffered nowadays that can burn lots of rubber without including burning a great deal of cash. Those coupes keep the necessaryrear-drive, front-engine layout but trench V-8s forhigh-revving, advanced, V-6s, which drops bottom lines to approximately $25,000. And, when appropriate, those four-seat, 6-cylinder coupes display styling that imitatestheir V-8 brother, so their frontages still scream outward curving bicep. They can benicknamed as “hustlecars.”

2010 Camaro RS 2011 Mustang V 6, 2010 Genesis Coupe 3.8, 2010 Camaro RS, and 2010 Challenger SE in Competition

When we study today’s available machines, we find4of such kind: the 2011 Mustang V-6, fortified with a new 305-horsepower engine and GT suspension; the 250-horse cruise-ship Challenger SE, possibly the optimumcontemporaryunderstanding of a classic ancestor; the retro-chic Chevrolet Camaro RS, displaying 20-inch wheels and 304 straight-fed ponies; and the unpredictableGenesis Coupe 3.8, a low-swung car from South Korean with 306 horsepower that trumps its 3 American rivals.

To find out which of themworked its route to victory, read on.

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