2012 Renault Master

Renault steps up its panel van game by updating its massive Master van for the new model. The car is only offered in limited market.

In home country France, it comes in a choice of three power outputs (100hp, 125hp and 150hp) and its fuel consumption has been cut this year by up to 0.6 litres/100km. It delivers further CO2 emissions cuts this year with a saving of up to 16g/km, equivalent to a fuel consumption gain of up to 0.6 litres/100km. Renault’s big van also features a number of equipment-specification changes, including the availability of new radios, the introduction of air suspension and the addition of the dCi 100 engine for Chassis Cab, Chassis Double Cab and Platform Cab versions.

The Master currently holds a 15 percent share of the European market. Renault hopes the new upgrades increase that further.


Renault Master Details:

For enhanced cabin comfort, a selection of new, easier to use and better-equipped radios is now available. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are standard features of the R-Plug&Radio which is fitted to Comfort versions of Master, while the optional R-Plug&Radio+ comes with a CD player and MP3 playback, as well as a separate display.

Air suspension available for front-wheel drive Masters

Optional air suspension is available for the vast majority of the front-wheel drive range, irrespective of engine (Panel Vans, Chassis Cab, Chassis Double Cab, Platform Cab), with the exception of the 2.8-tonne GVW version. The advantage of air cushions is that they:

* Maintain a constant ride-height irrespective of load and correct differences behind the left- and right-hand sides of the vehicle.
* Permit the vehicle’s ground clearance or rear clearance angle to be raised momentarily.
* Drop the rear suspension to achieve a lower rear sill height (450mm).
* Manually adjust the deck height at the rear by +70mm or -60mm.

* Introduction of towing equipment with a capacity of 3.5 tonnes for twin-wheel rear-wheel drive versions. This represents an additional towing capacity of 500kg over the current Master, taking GTW from 6.5 to 7 tonnes.
* The dCi 100 engine is available for the Chassis Cab, Chassis Double Cab and Platform Cab versions.
* The introduction of a new body colour: Pearlescent Black.
* A new smartphone dock is available as an accessory. It was designed especially for Master and takes the mobile office concept one step further.


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