2013 Cadillac XTS Gets iPad

Customers who buy the new Cadillac XTS will receive an iPad. It’s not just a nice gesture by Cadillac, it’s actually necessary.

The iPad will come with features and guides to teach customers how to use the new CUE system. Cadillac is launching CUE with training and support resources to enable dealers and customers to provide feedback, ask questions and access support in a number of ways. A Cadillac CUE App that enables shoppers to “test-drive” the system on an iPad, anytime, anywhere.

The CUE app replicates many of the controls and features of the CUE center stack. The CUE center screen and control panel represents the first automotive use of capacitive touch and familiar multi-touch gestures. The main feature however is the brilliant support system that will sure become handy if you ever had a question about how to use the system.


New customer care elements also include:

  • Each U.S. Cadillac dealership has a trained technology expert to assist customers, providing a personal, local first line of contact during both the shopping and ownership experiences.
  • Twenty-five new Connected Customer Experts are being deployed across the United States. to support the launch of CUE. These connectivity experts provide a resource for in-car electronic technological training, sales and service assistance.
  • Cadillac’s existing customer assistance services have added specific CUE experts to answer owner questions. Cadillac’s customer assistance center in Austin, Texas, has specially selected and trained advisors who have expertise in infotainment and mobile devices to help answer questions.
  • OnStar, standard on every Cadillac, will have a direct link to these CUE experts as well, for any owners with questions or wishing to provide feedback.
  • Every new Cadillac XTS and ATS buyer will receive a welcome call, creating a personal contact to answer questions or provide feedback.

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