2013 VW Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen unveiled the latest 2013 version of the Beetle convertible, and it looks exactly the same as the old one. But then it is supposed to.

The car does have some contemporary features in it, of course. The new model also incorporates design cues from the modern Volkswagen line-up: the air inlet under the bumper, the flat contour of the hood’s bottom edge and in particular the tail lights show the car’s close family ties.  In the new Beetle Cabriolet, Volkswagen brings together modern technology and the highest standards of quality with the emotional legacy of the car’s ‘forefather’.  As on the nostalgic icon, the headlights retain their classic shape.

It also features a classic soft top that goes up or down in just 10 seconds, even on the move up to a certain speed.


Details of engines and equipments in the press release below:

Standard on the Beetle Cabriolet is a soft-top cover, which, if desired, tucks the opened top neatly away.  Surrounding chrome trim accentuates the borders between steel and fabric.  As in other Beetle models, the compact instrument panel with an extra large round instrument cluster and several nostalgic elements, such as the additional glovebox, create a markedly different design inside the new Beetle Cabriolet as well.

With its spacious and comfortably designed interior the Beetle Cabriolet is a real four-seat vehicle.  The 225 litre boot includes a fold-down symmetrically split rear bench seat which allows bigger items to be transported even when the roof is closed.

To provide added safety in the event of a rollover accident, Volkswagen has developed an active rollover protection system.  It consists of two extendable modules fitted inside the vehicle in concealed fashion behind the back of the rear bench seat.  If the car were to roll over, the two rollover modules would be activated via the central airbag triggering unit.  Along with the fixed A-pillars, they provide effective protection for the occupants of all four seats within a matter of milliseconds.  Another extra safety feature is the standard front and head-thorax airbag system.

The new Beetle Cabriolet will be available with seven engines.  The entry-level engine is a highly efficient 1.2-litre TSI with 105 PS.  Straight after launch, the BlueMotion Technology version of this petrol engine will also be available.  The other petrol options are the lively 1.4-litre TSI and the 2.0-litre version, producing 160 and 200 PS respectively.  Diesel engines comprise a 1.6-litre TDI with 105 PS (also available as a BlueMotion Technology version) and a 2.0-litre TDI with 140 PS.

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