4000 hp Engine Coming To Goodwood

Goodwood offers lots of attraction besides great cars. This amazing engineering marvel is one of them.

This is the most powerful engine to ever be displayed at the event.  Featured on the Cummins stand (105/106) will be the new QSK95 diesel engine.  The 16 cylinder, 95 litre giant delivers over 4,000 hp with more than 16,000 Nm of torque, the equivalent of around 50 formula one racing cars. The QSK95 was given the code name of “Hedgehog” to keep it secret, prior to its launch late last year.  The team of over 150 engineers developed such an affection for the engine and its code name, that it will continues to be used well past the launch.

This awesome creation by Cummins, this enormous engine is more compact and efficient, and has less environmental impact through significantly lower running costs. It is the result of a £60 million investment in a new production line.



Steve Nendick, Cummins Marketing Communications Director for Europe said, “It is difficult to judge the sheer size of this product until you see it.  Cummins leading ISBe engine, used by many vehicle manufacturers, has a cubic capacity of just over 6 litres.  The QSK95 Hedgehog engine has around the same capacity as the ISBe engine in each of its 16 cylinders.  So it has the equivalent power of 16 Cummins-powered vehicles you see every day; 16 delivery trucks, 16 city buses or 16 excavators.”

“We are very proud to be able to promote our brand new QSK95 product to visitors at Goodwood.  It moves Cummins into new areas of the engine business at 4000hp, and will grow even further to 5,000 hp and 120 litres in the future with 4 additional cylinders. Visitors will be truly astounded by its size allied with its environmental credentials.  The equipment it is intended to power will be amazing too, such as mining haul trucks with a capacity of over 400 tonnes or some of the world’s largest rail locomotives.  It could also provide the equivalent electric power for over to 3,500 UK houses,” added Nendick.

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