A Guide to Green Car Fuel Types

In the past days, you have just two options regarding buying a car for you i.e. either a petrol-fuelled or a diesel car. But now the situation has been changed and you can come across lots of car types to select from and green cars have contributed in well that may take in electrics, hybrids, fuel cell cars plus bio fuels as well.

You may better understand about green cars and their performance as well by following a guide to green car fuel types

Green car fuel types: petrol cars:

Petrol-powered cars give the simple and general car fuel concept. These cars are quite cheap to buy on the other hand; they emit huge pollution in the form of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and cause to burn non-renewable energy sources. Although there is a broad diversity of green cars available and one may possibly find the cheap as well as less emitting carbon dioxide green car with better mileage per gallon. In this case, you may find your desired green car in small size for instance super-minis.

fuel type petrol cars

Green car fuel types: diesel cars:

As compared to petrol cars, diesel cars are more popular among populace as they emit less carbon dioxide but t the same time while buying a diesel car, you ought to keep in mind that diesel cars may contain other compounds for instance nitrous oxides and particulate matter as well that could be dangerous. But on a whole, diesel cars are preferred over petrol cars because of fewer emissions

Green car fuel types: electric cars:

In 1800s, the well-liked green car concept was found in electric cars because of their restricted range and low top speeds. But in the modern age, these cars are now able with a range of approximately 100 miles and speeds up to 45mph. Electric cars are normally zero-emission vehicles although some sort of emissions may be produced during electricity generation.

Green car fuel types: hybrid cars:

Hybrid cars have hybrid design concept which is a combination of two power sources i.e. an electric motor and a petrol or diesel engine where petrol/diesel engine provides the car with higher speeds and at the same time electric motor works at low speeds. This makes able the car for city driving. Hybrid cars are well liked as compared to petrol or diesel cars as they don’t produce any sort of emission at all because they have electric motors in them.

Green car fuel types: biofuels:

Generally biofuels falls among one of two categories: biodiesel or ethanol. In this way, Biodiesel gets energy from renewable sources for instance rapeseed or sunflowers and they can be carbon neutral as the emissions emitted are make up for the crop’s growth.

In these days, biofuels are replacing diesel cars but you have be aware and consult with your manufacturer. On the other way, Ethanol cars are also becoming popular as they can be carbon neutral as well and numerous vehicle manufacturers are introducing flexi-fuel vehicles that may run on both ethanol and petrol.

Green car fuel types: LPG:

These days another technology is introduced with Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which is made up of propane and butane and employs less CO2 as compared to petrol and fewer particulates and oxides than diesel. LPG conversion is a process through which other vehicles can be modified in LPG vehicles and now obtainable at a mammoth number of filling stations as well.

Green car fuel types: compressed natural gas:

Recently several vehicles have compressed natural gas which is a fossil fuel from underneath the Earth’s surface. It is a greenhouse gas with low carbon dioxide gas.

Compressed natural gas works in the similar way as LPG does as both require an engine conversion so the vehicle can switch between it and petrol.

Green car fuel types: fuel cells:

Numerous vehicle manufacturers are now employing fuel cells in their vehicles which basically rely on electrochemical energy conversion devices which generate energy from an electro-chemical effect. In upcoming days these cars are considered to be the best green car alternative although currently they are available in a limited number with high cost because of ineffective hydrogen production procedures.

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