Aston Martin Named The Coolest Brand

Once again, for the fourth time in the past five years, Aston Martin beats brands like Apple to be named the coolest brand in the United Kingdom.

CoolBrands officially announced that their poll found the car maker to be the best in terms of desirable products with a dynamic, innovative public image. And that’s what defines coolness.

Aston martin was also voted the top automotive brand surpassing other luxury and specialist manufacturers. If you look at the people who buy Astons rather than Bentley or Ferrari, that is another reason to realize why Aston is so cool!


Aston Martin CEO, Dr Ulrich Bez added, “Once you can define precisely why a brand is cool, then it no longer has the magic that earns it that label. There has to be an element of mystique, something that eludes definition. In order for a brand to have that quality, it needs people behind it with a passionate, creative vision who care for and nurture it.”

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