It’s the new craze that’s spread through the petrol-head community faster than a Bugatti on the Autobahn. Car-spotters are an elite group of car fanatics who are always on the lookout for rare and beautiful cars. They upload their photos and videos to social sites like

They treat cars like exotic wildlife and pursue rare breeds like David Attenborough on meth.

You can find them online on car-spotter networking sites where they share pictures and talk about their adventures chasing the fastest cars from all over the world. Some people car-spot without leaving the house.

Film Car-Spotters trawl through old movie footage and post videos of those classic cars we know and love from cinema like Back to the Future’s Delorean or Bullitt’s Mustang.

The top car-spotters can identify a car just by looking at its exhaust or the shape of its headlights in the distance. Others can find themselves helping police cases as their pictures are the last records of a car that has since been smashed.

Why not check out the hub of this activity over on Car Spotter and upload some of your favorite snaps?

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