Electric Hummer H1

In this day and age you have to be prepared to hear weird things everyday!

And today we have one of them weirdest! It’s about a mighty Hummer H1 which has been turn into an electric car by a company called Nation-E! They call it the Angel H1!

Not sure what is the point of it all, but they have simply ruined the car by that name and that horrible green color. The H1 used to have great reputation as a supremely cool military vehicle, which of course was a rubbish car for the road, but it was so much fun!


The fully electrified AngelH1 is equipped with a 60 kW battery, and provides electricity not only to stranded vehicles, but to complete buildings, hospitals, construction sites, and units that urgently require electricity.

Nation-E is currently trying to partner with as many countries as possible. The focus is on all countries with growing e-mobility, including European countries like Germany, Italy, Finland, as well as Israel and USA.

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