Ford Focus RS500 hacks out on the web prior to schedule

Car fans have been anxiously waiting for the digital reveal of the stunning latest Ford Focus RS500, although some aren’t so much interested. Some inside sources at the Blue Oval reveal that the website of RS500 was hacked and the images of the vehicle began leaking to the desktops in Europe. Ford gave a response that because of the overpowering interest shown for the latest Ford Focus RS500, the company decided to release more details. While the methodology of the hacker cannot be overlooked but their hurry is can be understood by judging these images, due to the real corker looks of the Ford’s new hot limited-edition.

It is powered by a 2.5 Liter cylinder which provides 345 HP, 350 PS and a torque of 460 Nm. The boost over the standard is appreciable, it still bonkers the Focus RS and its 305 HP engine. It can be assumed that like the base in that all the power passes through the front wheels which prove to be something handful even with the Quaife limited-slip differential and Ford’s trick RevoKnuckle front suspension. We are certain about the entertaining handful. Till now, Ford has not released complete information but the present RS500 hits 62 mph in just six seconds blasting to the speed of 162 mph.

Ford Focus

If this beast is ever seen on the road, they will be known by their wheels of 19-inch serialized one of 500 dashboard plagues. It can also be judged by the images. A car lover would at least want to have a ride or take a snap. The production run of the entire 2011 will be spread through the European markets including UK getting 101 cars which is the highest, Germany getting 55 cars, France getting 50 units, Belgium receiving 50 cars of its own and it goes down to the likes of Denmark, Czech Republic and Greece getting five cars each, Ireland will only receive three units.

If you are a RS500 lover and you live in one of the twenty Electrical Discharge Machines markets where it will be sold and you are interested in buying one, then it is suggested that you should better call your local car dealer now. Others can check back later when Ford will launch more details along with additional treats like video snippets, ringtones and many more.

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