How to Clean Wrangler Windows

Every Jeep owner wants to have its Jeep clean without any dust or dirt on it. It is sometimes become difficult to protect your Jeep wrangler windows form rubs or scratches. To keep your jeep in best condition with high performance working, you have to clean its wrangler windows. Here’s how to clean wrangler windows of your Jeep.

Things you’ll need:

To make clean your Jeep wrangler window, you will probably require the following things:

  • Soft cloth rags (made of terry otherwise cotton)
  • Mild dish soap
  • Water

Wrangler Windows

Step 1:

Whenever you find there any dust on your wrangler window, try to clean it as soon as possible. Pay extra attention to this matter.
First of all, start by preparing for your task. Collect your all required materials. For this reason, take a small amount of the mild dish soap and blend it with warm water in a bucket.

Step 2:

Ahead of cleaning with the prepared soap mixture, wet the windows with water. After that soak a rag in the soap mixture plus wring it out in the bucket. Now apply this rag to the windows while washing them from either right to left or else left to right. At this moment, avoid washing them up and down because this may result in scratches.

Wrangler Windows

Step 3:

Once you have done with washing the windows, next clean them with water until unless all of the applied soap mixture is moved out. Afterward take a clean cloth and use it to dry the windows.
Now it is all finished with cleaning your Jeep windows. If you want to go for an outing and the weather is good as well, then take the windows off and leave for the outdoors.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Remember to always wipe the cleaned surface through a dry cloth while ending the cleaning process.
  • A soft top or plastic protecting material may also help to keep your Wrangler windows clean for a long time.
  • Before storing your windows first clean them properly.
  • Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals as it could result in permanent plastic damage.

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