Installation Tips of Rear Brakes on a Dodge Truck

You may feel it necessary to install rear brakes of your dodge truck when it alerts you about problems in it for instance, you may check for fluids, sensors, and squeaking noise etc.

It might include several ways you can use to refer for changing or installing rear brakes on your dodge truck. Let us discuss about these ways or options concerning about how to install rear brakes on a dodge truck.

The First Option:

The simplest option for you to solve this problem is to bring your vehicle to a service center, meet there with the service manager and ask him that you want to install or replace rear brakes on your truck. And all you have to perform is write down a check otherwise show your credit card once the brakes have been installed.

Rear Brakes

The Second Option

The cheapest option for you is to do it on your own. For this reason, first you have to go to the market and purchase brakes for your truck. While purchasing, it is important for you to check the following things:

  • Mechanical;
  • Electrical;
  • Drums;
  • Fluids;
  • And sensor.

It is really very inexpensive to install rear brakes on dodge truck on your own rather then bringing it to the service center and paying huge amount for it.

You can perform this task easily if you have done it before with another vehicle. On the other hand, it is quite complicated and complex to do it with dodge truck.

There are a number of aspects to cover up, from calipers to cylinder to the wheel cylinder. The last but not least thing you ought to keep in mind is grease. Lots of lubrication will be used; for that reason, make certain you have ample of it.

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get to Work:

To begin installing brakes to your truck, you have to find best and most suitable place for this task. The most appropriate place for this purpose can be your garage.

It would be unpleasant if you started to change the brakes and the rain began pouring down. In frosty or cold weather, it would be a clear-cut benefit to have the use of a heated garage.

In case if you fail to find the garage, come across with a location with a flat surface.

One thing you do would not like is for the vehicle to begin rolling for the reason that it is set on a slanted driveway. The truck will have to be raise on blocks to get it off the ground and to even out it. After that you have to take away both the rear tires. Make certain you are wearing old clothes as you will most likely get all oily.

You may require using some grease to loosen the brakes in order to get them off the wheelbase. The longer it has been ever since the brakes were last changed, the more intricacy or trouble you could have in removing them.

Once you have detached or removed the rotors, you are supposed to take them in to be turned. This is a bit that you can not do yourself without any particular equipment.

Rear Brakes

The rotors usually require being smooth and cleaning with no rough or irregular surface, as it will increase that noise we all hate to hear at a traffic light.

Optimistically, you have not sustained to drive the truck later than the brakes started squealing. It is likely that you have ruined the rotors. In that case, your expenditure will be larger, as the rotors will have to be putted back.

It is essential to put the new brakes on in the appropriate direction as newly purchased brakes come with some necessary instructions. Be positive to check out your brake fluid and hoses

Every model will have a different PSI. As a result, make definite you verify your vehicle model and number.

If your truck brakes are put on backward, you will certainly have difficulty. If you run into problems, you can by and large call the store where you paid for the brakes. And salespeople there must be proficient to come back with your questions.


Hence, it is clear that installing new brakes is not a big problem. You just have to take away the old brakes, take some grease and put it on and replace with the new brakes. After this, you have to put the tires back on and now you have done it successfully. If you still feel it complex and difficult, just call an expert and ask him to do it.

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