How to Maintain a Tractor – Tractor Maintenance Tips

Among all vehicles, tractors are powerful machines that can be used to complete the most labor demanding tasks in farms. It is very essential for you to maintain your tractor in a good form to drive it for a long time but to gain better performance form it you should make use of some healthy tips which are given below:

Maintenance Checks:

Regular checks play an important role to keep your tractor maintained for a long time. You may carry out this maintenance weekly. You are supposed to perform these repairs on a regular basis without thinking about how much you use your tractor. If you drive your tractor too much then it is recommended to perform daily maintenance of your vehicle. This maintenance may include the following issues:



If you want the engine to run efficiently, you have to perform oil checks regularly. Heavy duty lubricants and fuel oil for heavy machinery ought to be used for tractors; and stay away from using lubricants for cars or light vehicles on a tractor, as much as possible

Cooling and radiation:

Tractors usually run in places filled with skirmish and grime at top levels as compared to back roads.  You should make positive to clear the grille of your tractor of debris later than you run it through its paces.  And of course, water levels in your tractor’s radiator ought to for all time be on the acceptable level.

Tire inflation:

You may also test out the tires of your tractor for any sign of pierce or deflation. For this course, you may require to have the tires retreated or changed if they look bust.


Nearly all tractors have automatic brakes, so you have to to test out the levers and mechanical systems to make out if they work correctly. If you feel any problem you may need to change the braking system of your tractor.

Repair and Replacement:

For your tractor to work properly for a long time, it may need to repair or replace some of its parts. The following parts of your tractor may need to be repaired or changed.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts:

For spoiled or broken parts, it is fine to put back them with parts specified and built by your tractor’s company.

Aftermarket parts:

Aftermarket parts from other manufacturers may possibly be used for tractor parts as well.  A number of farmers have been recognized to make their own parts for tractors by producing their own steel parts, though this technique is not suggested for new tractors.

Tractors may work for a long time, some even for a full century. But it all depends on how well you have maintained your tractor. Therefore, the above mentioned tips provide you with the knowledge about how to maintain a tractor and may be so helpful and obliging for you to drive your tractor safely for countless years

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