How to Remove Car Window Tint

Your car may have windows and windshield tints on it especially if it is an old car. Damaged window tinting may cause accidents and serious risks as they give you the distorted view of road. These window tints decrease your car’s value as well. So you have to know how to remove window tint to keep away all these poor results. Let us discuss about various techniques to do so.


Usually the tinting material is made with two layers of film. Where a thicker layer protects the coloring film and defends against scratches, wear and tear as well.

To remove the window tint, you require following tools:

  • Clothes steamer
  • A sturdy plastic edge (You may use an old identification card or a baking spatula)
  • Terrycloth towel
  • Window cleaner

Remove Car Window Tint


It is quite complicated and risky procedure to remove window tint. This process uses garbage bags, ammonia, razor blades and alike. It is a dangerous process and may harm you badly. So you should adopt an appropriate approach that helps to remove window tint from your car windshield or its window quite easily:

  • You first have to fill the clothes steamer and after that turn it to maximum temperature.
  • Now, grasp the steamer to one end or corner of car window or windshield and keep it at the same position for few minutes until the tint epoxy resin melts.
  • Now take an old card or spatula and use its edge to rub a segment of film to loosen the edges.
  • After this, pull away at the film at the same time as steaming off the adhesive backing. You may pull off the old window tint in one piece if you carry out this task gradually.
  • Now remove all remaining window tint which has not been removed yet.
  • At this moment, spray the window with window cleaner and use terrycloth towel to clean it.

Car Window Tint

After performing these steps you may have your car with quite clean window, but if you want then can bring your car to an auto customization shop to do this job again.

Therefore, you can easily perform this simple window tint removal procedure without even wasting your time.

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