How to Replace an Oil Filter – Change Oil Filter Guide

It seems quite inexpensive to change oil of you vehicle but, if carried out several times, it will bring you to huge cash disbursement. You can do it on your own as well. Performing this task means doing a job of a gasoline station attendant or a skilled mechanic. Although, you may do this with ease at you home garage. If you follow the appropriate tools and steps, you will do it effortlessly and with simplicity.


Following tools will be useful for you.

Replacement oil filter:

While selecting a new oil filter for you, keep in mind that this replacement oil filter must of same size and design as the oil filter installed in your car.

Oil Filter Diagram

Oil filter wrench:

Usually, an oil filter wrench is used to remove an oil filter which is quite cheap and inexpensive. It is usually made up of regulating strap or loop with a handle. Although it will not provide you with sufficient control you may need to remove the oil filter.


To begin first make empty your oil filter by draining all the oil from the vehicle and wait until the oil filter dried properly.

  • Jack up your car.
  • You may remove your cars oil filter with your hands too in case if it is improperly installed. To check first look at a round tin can underneath the car.
  • The oil filter is usually screwed very tightly on the receptacle and you cannot take it away with your bare hands. Use oil filter wrench to do this task. Try to be at safe distance while doing this task, to keep away from oil coming out.

Engine Oil Filter

  • Now, wipe up a small amount of oil on the rubber rim of new oil filter. This will provide the device with enough tension to attach definitely.
  • After that, screw the new oil filter into receptacle and make it tighter.
  • Keep in mind that oil filter wrench will help you in case of removing the oil filter not in case of attaching it.
  • At this time, fill your with oil and test drive your car. Confirm that there are not any type of leaks or noise etc.

To increase the lifetime of your car, you may replace your oil filter every six months. The above discussed tips let to do this task in a simple and easy manner without wasting any cash.

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