KBR VW CC might sounds like a random selection of letters, but it is in fact one of the coolest Volkswagen ever!

Created by KBR Motorsport, the car is based on a new VW CC designed in military camouflage pattern. KBR Motorsport is one of the four companies of S.W.A.T., which stands for SPECIAL WAGONS AND TUNING, for example, during that period, in combination with shortened and modified coilover of 3rd version, 9×20 inches R12 Nero rims were installed, however they contrast with cream color. Tire sides are marked with size signs 225/30ZR20. The deep and lowered suits to the contours of Passat CC.

Other goodies on the car include a set of exhausts with racing catalyst and everything, which boost the power to 280 hp.


About the paint job:

The Passat CC which was initially mate grey-olive colored got afterwards a new special treatment by the company CoverEFX, which is also located in Erftstadt. During a quite expensive process, Passat CC has got a new two-color shadow shading, i.e. grey-olive basic tone was covered by sporadic dots and splashes – coloring known to many of you from army times. Furthermore, the very purpose of shadow shading – inconspicuousness – was intentionally totally missed. Sincerely speaking, who could miss a look at such a car? Eventually, the goal to attract attention in monotonous traffic of daily-running cars is completely achieved and implemented.

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