Lamborghini Murcielago Yeniceri Edition

No, this is not a new special edition from Lamborghini themselves! This unique LP640 is a work of tuning company Unicate.

The car is named Yeniceri after an elite fighting troop of soldiers from the Ottoman Empire. The car does not come with any body kit and stuff, but it has its own cool features.

It’s painted in an awesome matte black color with matching wheels, Unicate “ConcavTen” 20-inch, and has been fitted with a new exhaust system that even when the car’s standing still produces 12db of growling noise. Fantastic!


The Yeniceri also comes with a bespoke interior featuring carbon fiber and leather sports steering wheel, as well as carbon fiber-garnished speedometer housing, gear paddles, heating-/ radio housing and the middle console and a kicking audio system.

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