Land Rover Discovery 4 Armoured

Land Rover announced the latest edition of their armoured Discovery SUV for 2011.

Based on the Discovery 4 model, this new bullet-proof car offers the same practicality, capability and convenience of the standard model, with the exact same appearance, but with ability to withstand shots by machine guns and even explosion up to 15 kilo of TNT or equivalent.

Since the armoured version weighs in excess of 4000 kg, Land Rover has replaced the standard V6 diesel with a 5.9 liter petrol V8 which gives decent performance.


Discovery 4 Armoured comes equipped with advanced four-wheel-drive technologies to deliver outstanding all-terrain performance. This includes full functionality of the latest generation Terrain Response System – an armoured market class-leading feature, which enables the driver to configure the vehicle to negotiate a variety of surfaces, such as tarmac, ruts, grass, mud, snow or rocks, in the most effective way.

Armour Specification
European Standard BS EN 1522 FB6 and BS EN 1063 BR6 (high velocity assault rifle)
Side blast protection – 15kg device in close proximity to the vehicle
Under floor protection against 2 x DM 51 hand grenades
Heavy duty wheels and run flat tyres – Goodyear Wrangler HP All Weather Tyre

Optional Features

Essential Armour Option Pack
Driver opening window (100mm drop to allow document passing)
Auxiliary secondary battery supply
Anti-tamper exhaust

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