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The Chevy Suburban that we know and love pretty much stays the same as it re-enters the 2011 model year. Here we’ll talk about the ¾ ton Suburban 2500 and the ½ ton Suburban 1500.

Those who have seen the GMC Yukon XL will find that the Suburban borrows much of its fundamental design from the former. The Suburban has a quite longer wheelbase than the Chevrolet Tahoe by approximately 14 inches. That makes the vehicle 20 inches longer in sum, and heavier by at least 30 cubic feet (with respect to cargo volume).

Seating capacity for this Chevy is up to 9 people, both for the 2500 and 1500 series. Both series also come in LT and LS trims. In addition to that the 1500 also comes in the luxury LTZ. In either case, the available drive systems are the rear wheels and the four wheels.

There’s a function called a 2 speed transfer case that comes with a low range gear for off-road purposes, and it’s a standard on all 2500 series and the LTZ trim level, but optional on the LT 1500 and LS trim levels.

Models under the 1500 series have a standard V8 engine that has a 5.3 liter capacity and can run on 320 hp. It also comes with the cylinder deactivation system of General Motors called the “Active Fuel Management”. Those under the 2500 series, on the other hand, are powered by 6.0 liter 352 hp V8 engines.

The only transmission available for both the 1500 and the 2500 is the automatic 6-speed. E85, an ethanol-blended fuel, can be used on all engine types mentioned above. Total towing capacity for the 1500 series is 8,100 lbs while the 2500 has 9,600 lbs.

Safety features of Chevy’s Suburban include an antiskid system, traction control, ABS (antilock brake system), as well as front-side and curtain-side airbags.

In addition to these safety features, the LTZ trim models in particular have a blind spot alert feature available. They also have the cooled and heated front seats as standard features.

The last set of additional features is composed of a rearview camera, a DVD entertainment system with dual screen, and a wireless cell phone link.

According to tests conducted by experts, the Suburban’s four-wheel drive 1500 is a vehicle that overcomes the typical expectations of any other average sport-utility car. It bags a total score of 79 – much higher than the usual 71.8.

The Suburban even got perfect scores when evaluated for its cargo room as well as its overall value within its class. With an exception to fuel economy and steering, all the other criteria for which the vehicle was tested for got at least an above average score.

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