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Jujiro Matsuda established Mazda in 1920 which is a Japanese vehicle manufacturing company. Initially it was named as Toyo Cork Koygo, and then later on became Toyo Kogyo co, and lastly it became Mazda in 1984, regardless of having the Mazda name on every car, truck, and other vehicle from the establishment. In the previous year an approximation was prepared about how many vehicles they would manufacture next year which gave a stunning 1.25 million estimate along with the sales in countries from Japan, to Australia, to North America, to Europe and lastly Latin America.

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After 20s and 30s Mazda automobiles got increase in their sales although the Second World War disrupted Mazda’s manufactures and developments as well. Ford put in a 15% share in the company. Mazda autos did not produce a four wheel car until 1960 and introduced R360 in this era. During this period, sales remained strong from the time of its beginning with a 16 horsepower to a sports car in a decade.

Mazda got additional popularity and raised its sales to a great extent in 70s and developed into a successful automobile production company at that time. Mazda automobile was able to smash the piston based engines when they utilized Wankel engine in their vehicles. Although when Ford took a bigger venture from 15% to 25% share, Mazda experienced an economic crisis. In 80s, Ford made use of re- branded Mazda vehicles and brought out the company in a successful epoch.

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In the mid of 80s, Mazda moved up its sales than ever before and began to sell on their own right. At the end of 80s, Mazda introduced an amazing care called the Eunos, or Mazda MX-5 sports car that was faster, potent and quite light in weight as compare to other vehicles at that time. During 90s, their sales experienced a monetary decline, economic failure became evident and consequently Ford raised his share to 30%. Though, lately they made a turn and have been able to get back the market share, with increasing sales and a steady beefing of their record with improved manufacturing designs the future of Mazda is no longer a doubtful issue, bar some sort of appalling failure at the business level.

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