Mercedes 300 SEL by Vath

German tuner Vath proved they have a talent in restoration too, but completing an awesome job with this Mercedes 300 SEL.

This majestic W109 is powered by M100 V8-engine with 6.332 cm³ engine displacement, with 250 PS and 4.000 rev/min in combination with torque of 510 Nm at 2.800 rev/min. The acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h is achieved in 6,5 seconds and this beauty, which has been manufactured from 1968 to 1972, has top speed 220 km/h which was breathtaking at its time. The body and interior were partially overhauled, while the whole engine and the axles were completely overhauled. Also engine compartment was restored.

Restoration jobs like this are not cheap, but they will provide you with the best of both world. That is the swell look of the classic car, and the convenience of a new car, sometime even with characteristics of a modern car.


VATH press release:

VÄTH Motorentechnik works upon request on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 1953: among others are Adenauer, 300SL, 190SL, Heckflosse, Pagode, SL W107 etc. Restoration can be made on all the extensive parts: complete engines, parts of engines, fuel injection systems, transmissions, differentials, drive shafts, exhaust systems and control equipment. If you have doubts you can always ask us!

The general overhaul and repair of an engine block include disassembly, cleaning and inspection. The engine block is milled and then the cylinders are drilled and honed. The crankshaft is smoothed, polished and balanced. The crank mechanism is made less heavy along with the flywheel. Piston rods are modified and the connecting rod bush is renewed. Pistons and oversize pistons are custom made. Connecting rod bearings and crankshaft main bearings as well as seals, chains and wheels are renewed, and if it is necessary – oil and water pump are also renewed.

Cylinder head changing and general overhaul begins with disassembly and cleaning, too. Then come the footprints of the cylinder heads (crack detection). Then comes milling. The valve seats are milled, outlet side is milled, seat rings are pressed and the valve contour is milled into the seat ring again. Finally the valves are grinded and the leak test is performed. Then the controls are renewed. With the hardened valve seat rings the lead-free modification is possible.

Speaking of classic cars: at these restorations the engines and parts of engines are generally or partially overhauled. In addition to the repair of the cylinder head, front and rear axles are repaired and inspected. The procedure is finished with computer diagnostics.
All in all the complete overhaul of the vehicles, repair of all units, inspections and maintenance as well as emission control testing and complete testing are possible with VÄTH Motorentechnik.

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