Mercedes S Class Paternity

The Mercedes S Class is an acronym for Mercedes Saloon which is one of the most luxurious models of cars that have ever graced the roads of this world. The production of these cars started way back in 1972 when Mercedes was introducing the W116 model series.  Since then, the engineers have worked on this model perfecting it in every component taking it to the league of the kings of the roads. The developers of course had to keep the tradition of all Mercedes cars: classy and stylish and this car certainly will charm on basis of how it looks and what it has under the hood.

Take a closer review of the performance of this car and you will be dazzled. It has five petrol engines available for each model. The first model is the S350 with a 3.5 V6 which is more than capable of handling your day to day movement. The S500 comes in with a V8 engine which has a twin turbo. On the road, this model will surely outdo most cars. It comes close enough to out running a Porsche. The other category comprises the S600, S63 and S65 which all have V12 engines. They are more powerful and offer a greater performance as compared to the others.

Almost all the models in the S Class paternity are fitted with the new state of the art technology 7G Tronic autobox, although this was later fine tuned in 2010 to make it more efficient in picking up speed.

When riding any of the Mercedes S Class models, you get a deep feeling of satisfaction.  The cars run on air suspension, which caters for damping meaning that they monitor the road surfaces and adjusts accordingly. The breaking power of these cars is great and the handling is excellent. From their compact nature, you can almost feel the rhythm of the car when driving. It has a perfect harmony that originates from the steering all the way down to the wheels.

The S Class family models are mostly quiet. They don’t make a sound when moving because only a small amount of air makes its way to the cabin. This gives you a relaxed feeling when cruising down the motorway.

The introduction of S350 has stirred up a lot of ripples in the market. It has a 7 speed auto, a greater suspension and an intelligent anticipatory safety mechanism to safeguard the user. On very sharp bends, this car can still maintain great speeds holding on solidly to the ground offering very tight grip. This bad boy is a finesse of the other models in the category. On a smooth road, the car is very silent and when on bumpy surfaces, it offers to tilt its body to make sure that you remain comfortable.

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