Nissan Juke-R Concept

Juke-R apparently started with a joke, but it turned to be one of the greatest cars Nissan has ever made! It’s an innocent Juke powered by the GTR’s monstrous V6 engine.

Dubbed the world’s fastest crossover, Nissan Juke-R is a unique concept car that combines the power, speed and handling of Nissan’s flagship GT-R sports car with the bold, exciting design of the Juke crossover model. With its foreboding matt black finish and unique body kit, t he car looks absolutely menacing. It’s got 480 hp after all. Inside th cabin you get a modified console with new performance dials and a new instrument cluster inspired by superbikes.

Sadly this is a one-off project and Nissan has no plan for putting it into production.


Nissan press release:

The car’s unique, impactful styling places Juke’s curves and lines over GT-R’s 3.8-litre engine, drivetrain and suspension, making Juke-R the most testosterone-packed compact crossover in the world. It is a force to be reckoned with not only in performance but also in its bold and menacing design.

Large, provocative vents in the front bumper provide cooling for the Juke-R’s twin turbo V6engine, while subtle submerged ducts in the bonnet help draw air through the engine bay. Flared wheel arches cover the GT-R’s 20-inch RAYS forged alloy wheels to merge with a new sculpted skirting. At the back of the car a dynamic split rear wing provides the supercar crossover with down-force, while twin pentagonal exhausts emit the GT-R’s evocative engine note.

Inside, the Juke’s motorcycle-inspired console is at the centre of a modified interior cabin fitted out to go racing complete with twin race seats, full race harness and a race-spec roll cage. GT-R steering wheel, pedals, dials and 7-inch touch-screen display are built into a modified version of Juke’s dashboard.

Officially announced by Nissan Europe in October, Juke-R is not a production car but a special, road legal concept car.Two versions of the Juke-R are being created – one in left-hand-drive and one in right-hand-drive. Juke-R will go into testing in late November before it’s unleashed on the world to take on the urban playground.


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