Nissan Leaf EV priced from $32,780, $2,200 without charger

If you interested in the latest Nissan Leaf EV being launched soon then you should arrange $32,780 from your hard earned income. The Leaf EV qualifies for the biggest available tax credit which is full $7500. When you select the bonus money, the latest plug-in will be around $25,280. Soon, Nissan will start taking reservations for the car by 20th April and least options are also offered by the company starting from around 349 dollars every month.

Nissan Leaf EV

Some additional expenses can also be linked with the purchase, the minimum is the reservation fees which is $99. For the necessary charging station and installation, the customer will be required to pay additional $2,200. Another tax credit if $2,000 will be thrown by Uncle Sam. In case if everything goes well, the customers would be able to see their purchases arrive by December. Interested ones can keep looking on the official press releases of Nissan for being the first one to buy it.

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