Opel Astra GTC Panoramic

The Panoramic windscreen option is now available for the latest Opel Astra GTC for 1,200 Euro.

This rather expensive option makes a real difference in the feel of the car, as it provides a cinematic vista in front of the passengers not only in front seats, but also for those in the back.

This innovative glass solution used by Opel had its world debut in the 2006 predecessor production model of the Astra GTC. Around 18,000 Astra GTC customers across Europe have since opted for the exceptional screen system, for which the engineers from Russelsheim were able to register a total of 11 patents. Apart from the new Astra GTC, the panoramic windscreen is also now available in the new Zafira Tourer. Once again Opel has demonstrated its leadership role in innovative glass solutions.


Opel press release:

Customers who opt for the panoramic windscreen in the new Astra CTC can treat themselves to heavenly views and cinematic vistas. In addition, the exclusive features give the dynamic look of the sporty compact coup? a further luxurious note on the outside. The large front windscreen stretches all the way to the middle of the car roof and gives the driver and the passengers an extraordinary visual, space and driving experience. The windscreen allows those on the inside not just to enjoy rays of sun but also dramatic cloud patterns or street illuminations at night. In contrast to other glass roof solutions, in this case there is no transverse spar that reduces visibility. This is why, in contrast to other common glass roof solutions, in the Astra GTC the driver, his co-pilot and the passengers in the rear are able to enjoy a vista, similar to what pilots experience under light plane canopies. Depending on the equipment variety, Opel offers this optional extra at prices starting at 1.200 Euro (recommended retail price including value added tax).

“Our creative designers and engineers are constantly developing extraordinary glass designs specifically for different vehicle segments. It is an established Opel tradition to make such innovations available as basic features and at attractive prices,” says Alain Visser, Opel Vice President of Marketing.

Powerful visuals and clever solutions

From the outside, the panoramic windscreen together with its black metallic steel roof looks like a continuous surface. The A and B pillars are also coated in black as well as the headliner, reinforcing the impression of a homogenous surface.

In the event of very powerful sun rays, a roller blind can be lowered inside the cabin which sits under the panoramic glass. This helps create a pleasant atmosphere. The device which is continuously variable can be easily adjusted and then may be attached with a turning handle. The solar protection comes complete with an integrated sun visor which even in its opened state disappears behind the rear roof component.

Extended powertrain spectrum: Two new diesel engines from 110 to 130 hp

Since the start of orders in June, the new Astra GTC has been available with a choice of five engines with manual transmissions – four agile gasoline engines with outputs from the 1.4 liter 74 kW/100 hp to the 1.6 turbo with 132 kW/180 hp. Added to those is the 2.0 CDTI Common-Rail turbo diesel engine with 121 kW/165 hp.

The diesel offering for the sporty compact coup? is being extended with a further two engines: both are 1.7 liter CDTI Common-Rail turbo units. They are either available as a 81 kW/110 hp or as a 96kW/130 hp version. They deliver torque of 280 and 300 Nm respectively. The new motor management and an optimized combustion process have been developed from scratch by Opel engineers. Combined with a new injection system, reduced compression and operating pressures of 1.800 bar ensure that the new up to five injections are delivered per cycle. The turbo charger which is equipped with variable turbine geometry has a very precise boost control thanks to an additional actuator censor.

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