Peugeot 208 Type R5 Announced

French car maker Peugeot, following the tradition that began with the 205, introduced a new full-on rally version of the 208 hatchback set for debut at the Paris Motor Show.

The R5 is a super 200 rally car which can be bought by privateers and customers to compete in various national and international event. The 208 Type R5 benefits from all the expertise and experience of Peugeot Sport, acquired and recognised over many years. Under the direction of Alexis Avril, Technical Manager of Peugeot Sport, Bertrand Vallat, formerly responsible for the 207 S2000, is the Project Leader for the 208 Type R5.

It will get Peugeot’s fantastic 1.6 liter turbo engine with close to 280 horsepower, and all the racing bits and bobs you’d find in a WRC car. The price is a bit steep though, at 180,000 Euro apiece.


Details in Peugeot press release below:

Performance and cost reduction

The R5 category consists of group A vehicles derived from a production model, of which at least 25,000 must have been produced. Launched for 2013 by the FIA, among its objectives is a noticeable reduction in costs, including operating expenditure. Therefore, the technical regulations will adopt the major assets of the S2000 category: four-wheel drive, five-speed sequential gearbox, no central differential and long travel suspension. This is also the case externally with widened tracks, a spoiler, the increase in the wheel arches to fit 18″ wheels without forgetting the minimum weight set at 1200kg for the gravel (loose-surface) and asphalt (tarmac) version, as for the WRC.

“Based on an optimisation of costs”, explains Bertrand Vallat, “the regulations impose, among other things, a maximum price for certain parts and technical limitations such as a minimum weight of components of the chassis and engine. In addition, a certain number of components of the vehicle must be similar. The hub carrier is a perfect example. All four must be identical. This makes operation considerably easier and limits costs and stocking.”

Another major difference: the engine, the 2.0-litre naturally aspirated unit is replaced by the 1.6-litre turbo. The 208 Type R5 will adopt the EP6 CDT as standard. “We are aiming for performance which is slightly higher than that of the S2000″, emphasises Bertrand Vallat.

“We start with the 1.6-litre THP engine that is already a competition winner. We know that it is both reliable and powerful, and can achieve 280bhp. We have serious foundations with this engine as it is the same as that of the RCZ Racing Cup which currently develops 260 horsepower in its endurance version. We are also aiming for a very high level of durability and reliability in competition with a potential 5000 kilometres (according to the components and conditions), which will also reduce the operating costs.” Finally, the FIA has also set the maximum price for the ‘R5s’ at €180,000 excluding taxes.

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