Problems with Michelin Tires

It is obvious that your vehicle tires play an important role in your stopping distance, grip, handling as well as gas mileage. So keep in mind these factors while buying tires for your vehicle. These factors may take in your local climate conditions, area territory and the probability that how much you utilize your vehicle.

There are a large number of tire manufacturers and Michelin is a well known name in this case. Michelin is considered as one of the most developed and trusted as well as the second largest tire manufacturer in the world. But still there are some problems that are associated with Michelin tires so remember these problems while selecting tires for your vehicle. If you want your tires to last for a long time, it is suggested that you keep them correctly inflated and check them for damage on as a minimum a monthly basis. Try to replace the tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and stay away from driving at extreme speeds.

Michelin Tires

Michelin tires are among the world’s leading tire brands

Recent Recalls:

Recently some models of Michelin tires have been recalled once again. For instance, tire model 305/50R20 120H was recalled in 2004, for incapable of carrying adequate weight, which might cause failure. Again in 2004, truck tire model XDE was called to mind for having asymmetrical inner liner which can bring quick tire pressure loss and hence give way to blowouts.

After that Michelin Pilot Sport tires was recalled in 2005 as they had a tendency to eruption in the sidewall, leading to rapid tire pressure loss and consequently, vehicle control loss. Then in 2007, the Pilot Power 2CT motorcycle tires were recalled for trample separation which can let the vehicle to lose its control particularly at high speeds.

Sidewall Cracks and Bulges:

Michelin tires are also complaint for their sidewalls. The sidewall normally takes apart the tread from the wheel, helps in providing grip and supports the vehicle load as well. If the sidewalls of a tire get damaged then they can severely cause hazardous blowouts.

Rapid Tread Wear:

One other problem with Michelin tires is that the tire’s tread tend to exhaust excessively fast.

Conditional on the tire model, the majority of Michelin tires are manufactured to work between 45,000 and 90,000 miles, but on the other hand several drivers complained that their tires put forward a number of problems after merely 25,000 miles of driving. As tire tread offers traction for the vehicle, so if it is damaged it leads to stopping distance and influences the vehicle overall performance particularly in wet and freezing conditions.

Michelin Tires

Uneven Tread Wear:

Michelin tires are reported for irregular tread wear as well. Appropriately functioning tires are supposed to wear evenly across the tire and the entire set of tires as well. As uneven tires definitely have an effect on the car overall balance, distracting it and finally causing the vehicle to travel uneven otherwise shake while driving.

Reporting Problems with Michelin Tires:

If you have used Michelin tires in your vehicle but they are offering various types of problems then feel free to contact Michelin on their provided addresses to acquire the best tires for you.

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